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Explore Mayan Ruins. Relax on a sun-drenched beach. Swim with colorful fish. Your Caribbean adventure begins the minute you step aboard. Nice...
Spend time at the world famous Straw Market or visit the underground aquariums of Atlantis. "Listen to the river sing sweet songs." r.hunter

Panama Canal
Visit Colombia, Costa Rica and the Mexican Riviera and sail through the locks of the Panama Canal. Oh no, not Panama Red! And no cigars either.
Listen to mariachi trumpets as you stroll down the narrow cobbled streets. Shop for local crafts in lively open-air markets. Come on!

Be dazzled by nature as you cruise through the Polynesian paradise of Hawaii. Although the exact date of discovery is unknown, it's your turn.
Whether taking in the sights in the Public Gardens of Halifax or visiting a friendly local pub, Canada’s breathtaking beauty will embrace you.

Discover beautiful and historic sites throughout Europe, while sailing in style and comfort on a spectacular cruise ship. Don't be scared...
Become enlightened on a cultural far east cruise. Realize your dreams while exploring the mystical oriental way. You won't be sorry you did. Got Rice?

Visit the Front Street shops~ selling fine English china, Shetland wools, and Scottish tartans. Enjoy the golf courses and miles of coral reefs.
The wonder of Alaska awaits you. Enjoy stunning vistas of snow-capped mtns, majestic blue-ice glaciers, and an abundance of wildlife. Ah...nature!

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