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Camino Real Zaashila  
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Activities: entertainment, conference center, children's activities, bars, golf course, swimming pool, restaurants, scuba diving, tennis, water sports
Description: One of the most exclusive resorts in the finest of the breathtaking Bays of Huatulco, Camino Real Zaashila boasts a quarter mile of private beach on Tangolunda Bay. Between the Mediterranean-style complex and the tranquil bay lies a monumental 100-yard-long sculptured swimming pool. An optional Modified American Plan is available.
Accommodations: There are 120 rooms and suites, 41 with private pool and all with ocean view and balcony. Amenities include air conditioning, satellite TV, telephone service, servi-bar and in-room safe.

For pricing and availability call 1 800 519 4614.



Crystalline waters and near virgin spots characterize this beautiful place called 'Cuahtolco' by the Meicas.

If a painter were to combine all the nuances of blue on his palette to capture them in his paintings, the name of that series of paintings would surely be Huatulco and the titles of his works would be: Conejos, Tangolunda, Chahue, Santa Cruz, the Órgano, the Maguey, Cacaluta, Chahcacual and San Agustín, the nine bays that make up this marvelous Eden on the coast of Oaxaca.

Huatulco means "the place where wood is adored" in the Mixteca language. It is situated a little less than 300 kilometers from Oaxaca, and its most important quality is the fact that it still isn't plagued by mass tourism, thus ensuring that your stay will be truly pleasant.

The Bays of Huatulco are a place conceived for tranquility. Rest and relaxation... a paradise on earth!


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